J.D. Small - Photographer

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Lansing, Okemos,& Williamston Michigan

Satisfied Customers say,

“Not only did you photograph our Senior Management staff and our invited guests but your ability to process the photographs so they could be given as gifs to everyone at the end of the evening was fantastic. Your photographs helped make it an occasion that will long be remembered.”

~Lynne E. Curry,
BioPort Corporation

“I have worked with J.D. Small for several years on various projects ranging from architectural photography to cocktail parties and presentations. He has an extraordinary ability to photograph inherently difficult activities and present an excellent selection of photographs to choose from.”

~Sherry Loader,
Michigan State University

“As always it is a pleasure doing business with a professional like you are J.D.”

~Ernest Betts, Ph.D., Assistant Dean,
Michigan State University

“I wanted to thank you again for doing a wonderful job on the pictures. They turned out fabulous and we couldn’t be happier.”

~Theresa Stevens,
Capital Area United Way.

"I am extremely pleased with the photos you took. I called you out there because frankly we were having a great deal of difficulty getting some of those shots and you have the equipment and the talent that you were able to do some things that we just couldn’t do otherwise and you made it look great. Frankly I don’t know how you could do any better.
So, once again, I am very appreciative and you did a fine job for me and any opportunity we have we will come back to you. Thanks for all of your help."

~Bill McCloud,
Briarwood Realty

"Thank you very much for the personal delivery today. We really love the pictures you did of Jessie. Thank you again for helping us, JD. You have no idea how much we appreciate you!"

~Love, Susan, John, and Jessie Barry

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